Panasonic Split Air Conditioner Inverter Error Code

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Error Code for AC Split Inverter Panasonic By Using Diagnostic Mode

Panasonic Air Conditioner Inverter
Panasonic Air Conditioner Inverter

How to retrieve error code

  1. Once error occurred during operation, the air conditioning will stop, and Timer LED is blinking.
  2. Press and hold “CHECK” button for more than 5 seconds, diagnostic display code will be shown “_ _” .
  3. Press TIMER UP or DOWN button, display code will be shown in sequence. When abnormality content is as same as diagnostic display code. POWER LED will light up for 30 seconds and sound of “beep beep beep…” is occurred for 4 seconds.

How to delete error code

  1. Turn Power ON, (standby operation)
  2. Press and held AUTO button for 5 seconds, when a beep sound is heard, the air conditioning is at forced cooling operation mode
  3. Press “CHECK” button at remote control, when a beep sound is heard, the error code is cleared.


Diagnostic Display
H00 No Memory of Failure
H11 Indoor/Outdoor abnormal communication
H12 Indoor Unit capacity unmatched
H14 Indoor intake air temperature sensor abnormality
H15 Compressor temperature sensor abnormality
H16 Outdoor current transformer (CT) Abnormality
H19 Indoor fan motor mechanism lock
H23 Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor abnormality
H25 Indoor E-ion abnormality
H27 Outdoor air temperature sensor abnormality
H28 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature sensor abnormality
H30 Outdoor discharge pipe temperature sensor abnormality
H33 Indoor/Outdoor miss-connection abnormality
H38 Indoor/Outdoor unit miss-match (brand-code)
H58 Indoor gas sensor abnormality
H59 Eco sensor abnormality
H97 Outdoor fan motor mechanism lock
H98 Indoor high pressure sensor abnormality
H99 Indoor operating unit freeze protection
F11 Four Way valve switching abnormality
F90 Power factor correction (PFC) circuit protection
F91 Refrigeration cycle abnormality
F93 Compressor abnormal revolution
F95 Outdoor cooling high pressure protection
F96 Power transistor module overheating protection
F97 Compressor overheating protection
F98 Total running current protection
F99 Outdoor Direct Current (DC) peak detection

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